Save the world?

Have anyone more noticed that very many politicians try to “save” the world now? They start to worry about the climate change and want to stop it. But they don’t really want to do something about it. Because how could they change the way people lives? That’s indeed a big problem!


Old old tree

The Wollemi pine that was thought to be extinct millions of years ago was found in Australia 1994 by a hiker! Isn’t that fantastic. A hiker found one of the worlds oldest tree species. The problem is just that there only are about 100 wild trees left. And in an attempt to save it Australia tries to distribute it over the world. Wouldn’t it be sad if a tree that have survived for 200 million years disappeared just when we found it?


Passive houses the way to go?

A couple of days ago a heard of a fantastic house, the “passive house”. This house gets warm by the electrical things that we use and by the heat from the people living there. This would make the greenhouse gas emissions from houses to drop. Today a large part of the gases come from our houses and apartments. From that they are designed to be 20 degrees inside the house all year round. But I’m a bit sceptical about the summer months. If it’s warm outside won’t it be warm inside as well since we still use the electrical products and the people will still be there?


The greenhouse effect

Something that is really interesting within science is the discussion around climate change. Its now, when we start to see the changes, people have started to talk about it and what will happen. I have never seen so many articles in newspapers about it and so many TV shows. The interest is getting bigger but big countries still don’t do anything to make their greenhouse gas emissions any smaller. If not everybody is helping and preventing this how can we make a difference?


Discovering the world today?

I just learned that scientists can’t travel around the world to find new species and collect them. Something they could do before the year 1993 when the Convention on biological diversity came. You might wonder why and the reason is that important species, that can be used for example medicine, the country its found in should get paid for it. Everything to protect poor countries. And I really understand that thought that big companies shouldn’t be able to take important material from one country and make money at it.
But isn’t science and discovering new species and there use also something that should be free? If it isn’t will we really find out everything we have around us? I’m not sure that this rule is so good after all. I don’t think that making it more difficult for scientists to do their research is the way to go…


Carl von Linné

This week Carl von Linné would have turned 300 years old. So Sweden is celebrating his birthday and will continue doing that for the rest of the year. Now everybody is talking about him and what he was doing for science. But I can’t remember that we talked that much about him in school or even at the university when we learned about flowers, animals or stones. Makes me wonder why… Do we only talk about people when it is something special to celebrate?
An interesting aspect to things is the fact that I actually think that Linné is more famous in other countries than what he is in his own country Sweden . Why do we hide these splendid people and their discoveries? When we still use their knowledge today.


Starting to understand the new technology

Have just started this blogg and have to say that I’m a bit curious about how fast (or slow) it will take to get some readers. Feels like an experiment to see how the information technology works!

I hope you all like to read about work and science. There are so much happening around us and so many things to find out.

Well to give you all an insight in my skills when it comes to technology I will just say one thing. I just learned how to use PC and now I’m sitting in front of a Mac and have to start all over again. In other words I have no idea what I’m doing so it is pretty amazing that I succeeded with this…